La Trobe Law Students’ Association

LSA Executive 2022


Samuel Chung


My name is Sam, and I am the President of the LSA. My role may be (somewhat) succinctly described as ensuring the effective operation of the LSA Committee and the execution of key events and initiatives, as well as being the LSA’s key contact with the La Trobe Law School and other third parties. Ultimately, I’m the face of the LSA and that means preparing for, and dealing with, any issues that may arise.

Elly-May Dreier

Vice President

Hello everyone, and Welcome to Law School! My name is Elly-May and I am the Secretary for the LSA. I am entering my fourth year of my double degree of Law & Criminology! My main role is to assist the President and other Vice- Presidents to ensure the smooth running of the committee. As part of this, I am responsible for several administrative tasks and to help and support all Directors and Committee in the running of their events and initiatives.

James Reginato

Vice President

Welcome to La Trobe Law School! After three years of study so far, I am going into my fourth year of a Law and Commerce double degree and will hopefully graduate at the end of 2023. This year, I hold the Vice President (Treasurer) title on the La Trobe Law Students’ Association Committee. While the position involves a lot of numbers and boring financials, my role primarily requires ongoing financial leadership to ensure that we can run all the great events happening this year without going bankrupt.


Ingrid Tam

Vice President

My name is Ingrid and I am your Vice President (Sponsorship) for this year. I study Bachelor of Arts and Law, and will be going into my sixth year. A big part of my role in the committee is to liaise with sponsoring firms and bring in money for our events to run. For example, you might have found some merch in your o-week showbags which I had to liaise with firms for them, and that is something you might find someone in my role would do. Otherwise, I am also involved in overseeing the planning and running of sponsored events, to ensure that we are fulfilling our sponsorship obligations.



Isabel Taylor

Director of Activities

My role as Director of Activities is to organise social events for law students across all year levels. Some of the major events that will be run this year are the Law Picnic, Law Camp, Law Cruise, Law Ball and Winery Tour. Each of these events are a great way to escape the busy life of a law student and have some fun with your peers

Alisha Ukunde

Director of Commercial Careers

I am Alisha and I am your Director of Commercial Careers. As part of my role, I organise various career events in the commercial sector such as Careers Cocktail Night, firm presentations, clerkship seminars and so on! The focus of these events is to provide La Trobe Law students with as much information as possible during their law degrees, nurture their interests in commercial law, and provide them with all resources and networking opportunities to prepare them with the best chance of success moving forward. So, if you ever feel lost about your future in law, join us at our events and we will help guide your career prospects!

Ania Bulenda

Director of Competitions

Hi, I’m Ania, and I am the Director of Competitions! I am a second year studying Law and Psychology. In my brief time at Uni, I have found that the best thing to do is leave your comfort zone and just have fun. Don’t take anything too seriously and remember that the people around you are there to help and are most likely in the same boat as you. One of the things I did that was outside my comfort zone was becoming the Director of Competitions. My role is to help you, the students, by running moots and other competitions which will allow you to gain knowledge and experiences that will help you throughout your degree and into your later life.

Flinn Olarenshaw

Director of Education

Welcome! My name is Flinn Olarenshaw, and I am currently in my second year of the Bachelor Laws (Honours)/Commerce double degree. As Director of Education, alongside the education team, I help organise events and initiatives such as Justice Speech, the ‘Get to Know Them’ series, the Buddy/Mentoring initiative, LAW 101’s, LSA Q&A tutorial recap/study sessions and more. Additionally, we look to provide resources that aim to academically support students and highlight the many opportunities available to them

Shaun James

Director of Equity & Social Justice

My role in the LSA is to ensure that all law students at La Trobe have a fair and accessible education, whilst also fostering important discussions and educational opportunities about the power of social justice. I work alongside a huge team of officers who also are very passionate about what they do and inspire me every single day.

Isabella Fini

Director of External Competitions

My name is Isabella, and I am currently enrolled in a double degree in a Bachelor of Laws (Honours)/ Bachelor of Psychological Science. I have already completed two of the five years, but this year will be my first on campus, I’m brand new at this too! This is my first year in the LSA and I am the Director of External Competitions. My aim in this role is to provide all of you with the opportunity to compete and participate with other universities in moots, negotiations, and witness examinations. I will also be starting up the very first La Trobe University Intervarsity Competition!


Chelsea Fung

Director of Industry Careers

Hi everyone! I’m Chelsea and I’m the Director of the Industry Careers Portfolio. This portfolio is intended to assist law students in exploring alternative career paths to those in the commercial sector. As for myself, I’m about to begin my third year of my Bachelor of Laws and Criminology course so just over half way there! I really can’t picture my life at uni without all my friends that I’ve made since joining the committee (AKA all the amazing people that I work alongside with on the LSA).

Samir Dzeladin-Elez

Director of Juris Doctor

Hello and welcome to the La Trobe law family! My name’s Sam, and I’m a third and final year Juris Doctor student at La Trobe. I’ve previously completed a Bachelor of Arts at La Trobe and am currently the Director of the Juris Doctor (JD) portfolio in the LSA committee. Ultimately, my team and I arrange all the events for the JD students, while also acting as representatives for any questions or concerns you may have about the JD specifically.

Lauren Rametta

Director of Marketing

Hi everyone! My name is Lauren, and I am in my third year of a Bachelor of Laws (Honours)/Bachelor of Commerce (Management). In my three years on the LSA, I have been a First Year Representative, Marketing Officer and am the current Director of Marketing. My role involves promoting all Law School and LSA events, coordinating the LSA social media channels, organising merchandise and establishing a new website. I am passionate about promoting student success and ensuring all students are aware of the many opportunities available to them.

Sarah Bux

Director of Publications

My name is Sarah, and I am in my final year of the Bachelor of Laws/Bachelor of Media and Communication (Public Relations). Within the LSA, I am the 2022 Director of Publications. As the Director of this portfolio, I oversee the creation of all LSA publications you’ll see throughout the year – starting with this First Year Guide! Due to the nature of the Publication Portfolio’s work, we often collaborate with many members of the broader LSA team to produce publications for

all La Trobe Law students – including the Clerkship Guide, Careers Guide, and our weekly newsletter, the Weekly LSA.

Dylan Hassan

Director of Student Engagement