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International Mooting: Willem C. Vis & Jessup

Information regarding La Trobe Law School’s International Mooting Program

La Trobe Law has an exceptional record in the Vis Moot. It has reached the numerous finals and won numerous speakers awards and memorandum awards in previous years. In 2020, the La Trobe team ranked first overall in the general oral rounds and progressed to the final 64 teams. Our performances continue to improve in the Jessup Moot.

Participation in these moots represents a unique opportunity to develop highly advanced written and oral advocacy skills and legal team work skills in a focused and personalised experiential learning environment whilst also potentially earning study credit. Participation also brings prestige as the moots are well known and highly regarded in the profession.

For information about the Vis Moot and the benefits of being a La Trobe Vis mooter see the special edition of Amicus

Vis Moot

The Vis Moot is the world’s most prestigious private international law mooting competition.  The competition’s oral rounds are held in Hong Kong, Vis (East) Moot and Vienna Vis Moot in the three weeks preceding Easter each year. You can find videos of the finals and other useful resources on this moot at

The Vis Moot is a mock-arbitration competition requiring students to research international commercial arbitration and the international sale of goods. Students must research and apply these laws to a hypothetical case between two private companies from different States, prepare two sets of written legal arguments (one for each side in the dispute), and then prepare for the oral rounds where they will arguing the case against law schools from around the world.

A team of up to 12 students will be selected to participate in the Vis Moot program. Work on the problem will commence before it is released with some introduction and orientation sessions. Work will begin in earnest once the problem is released in October and will continue full time after the second semester exams resulting in completion of written legal memorandums. Students may enrol in LAW3IAP to gain credit for the research and drafting of memorandums. After completion of written arguments the students will undertake a 2 week intensive mooting course. Students may enrol in LAW3IAM to gain credit for completion of the mooting intensive. The four most outstanding oralists from the intensive will be selected to represent the team at the oral rounds. After selection the oralists will continue full time in mooting seminars and practice before specialist academics and practicing commercial arbitrators, solicitors and barristers (including LTU alumni) through to Easter and the competitions.

Jessup Moot

The Jessup Moot is the most prestigious public international law mooting competition in the world.  It is set in the International Court of Justice. You can find useful videos and resources on this moot here:

Teams represent one of two sovereign states which have a dispute in public international law.  The competition requires teams to prepare oral and written pleadings for a complex international legal problem. The Australian National Rounds are held annually in the first week of February at the campus of the Australian National University, Canberra. The final is traditionally held in the High Court before a bench of three experts and may include a sitting High Court Justice. Both teams which reach the Australian final go to Washington to moot in the world finals in March.

A team of up to 5 students will be selected to participate in the Jessup Moot. Students who have previously completed the Vis Moot or the optional subject Public International Law will be considered most favourably for selection because of their previous training and experience. Once the team is selected it cannot be altered. Work on the problem will commence once it is released in September will continue after the second semester exams resulting in completion of written memorials in late December or early January. Students may enrol in LAW3IAM to gain credit for completion of the Jessup moot but will not be able to do so if they have already undertaken this subject previously for the Vis Moot competition.


Applicants will have a greater chance of selection if they meet the following criteria:

–           an average mark of 70% or more in their law subjects;

–          completed contracts and/or private international law subjects for the Vis Moot or public international law for the Jessup Moot;

–          previous mooting/debating/advocacy experience and

–          team work experience.

For the Jessup Moot, students who have previously completed Public International Law or the Vis Moot will be considered most favourably.

For the Vis Moot, students (particularly in their first two years of law studies) are encouraged to apply even if they do not meet all of above criteria.

All applications for the Willem C. Vis International Commercial Arbitration Moot and Jessup Moot should be forwarded to

All applications for the teams should include the following in one word or pdf document (please do not send a series of separate documents):

–          a cover letter addressing the selection criteria and explaining why you wish to participate in either the Vis and/or the Jessup.  Please make it clear whether you applying for one or both moot teams. In your letter you should also detail your other work or study commitments after the end second semester exams until March.

–           detailed CV

–           a copy of the student’s academic transcript/record for LAW subjects