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Ashurst Women in Law Breakfast 2022

PCL COVID-19 Hardship Scholarship for Law Students


A massive welcome to you all! I am Shaun and I am the Director of Equity & Social Justice for 2022. I am currently completing a Bachelor of Laws (honours)/Bachelor of International Relations and in my fourth year. My favourite place to hang out on campus is definitely the Simpson Lawn due to its open and green environment. My role in the LSA is to ensure that all law students at La Trobe have a fair and accessible education, whilst also fostering important discussions and educational opportunities about the power of social justice. I work alongside a huge team of officers who also are very passionate about what they do and inspire me every single day. As a first year, I wish I knew how powerful a law degree could be in terms of opening opportunities to being able to promote positive change for all parts of our community. My biggest piece of advice for first year law students would be to never underestimate how much change you, as a law student, can create in the future. If you follow your passions, your personal integrity, and willingness to use your degree in a powerful and positive way, then you will be able to achieve many incredible things throughout whatever career you choose.

Disability Officer - Emily Armstrong

Indigenous Officer - Clare McKenzie

Mature Age Officer - Blaine Perkins

Mental Health Officer - Bavani Gunawardana

Queer Officer - Rachel Bowyer

Sport & Wellness Officer - Jessica Bell-Matsen

Womens Officer - Amy Hicks