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International Mooting: Willem C. Vis & Jessup


Hi, I’m Ania, and I am the Director of Competitions! I am a second year studying Law and Psychology. In my brief time at Uni, I have found that the best thing to do is leave your comfort zone and just have fun. Don’t take anything too seriously and remember that the people around you are there to help and are most likely in the same boat as you. One of the things I did that was outside my comfort zone was becoming the Director of Competitions. My role is to help you, the students, by running moots and other competitions which will allow you to gain knowledge and experiences that will help you throughout your degree and into your later life. Even if you don’t choose to follow a path in law, public speaking and skills involving compromise, negotiationand arguing a point will always prove useful. So, welcome to La Trobe and Good Luck!


My name is Isabella, and I am currently enrolled in a double degree in a Bachelor of Laws (Honours)/ Bachelor of Psychological Science. I have already completed two of the five years, but this year will be my first on campus, I’m brand new at this too! This is my first year in the LSA and I am the Director of External Competitions. My aim in this role is to provide all of you with the opportunity to compete and participate with other universities in moots, negotiations, and witness examinations. I will also be starting up the very first La Trobe University Intervarsity Competition! First year university student Isabella was too shy to join the LSA or participate in any competitions or events that were on and she definitely missed out… so my message to all of you is to reach out and join and participate because you make so many new friends who are just like you and have the same passions and goals! My favourite place on campus is the Grafali’s Coffee Roasters, I can’t wait to see you there!