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Welcome First years! I am Alisha and I am your Director of Commercial Careers. As part of my role, I organise various career events in the commercial sector such as Careers Cocktail Night, firm presentations, clerkship seminars and so on! The focus of these events is to provide La Trobe Law students with as much information as possible during their law degrees, nurture their interests in commercial law, and provide them with all resources and networking opportunities to prepare them with the best chance of success moving forward. So, if you ever feel lost about your future in law, join us at our events and we will help guide your career prospects! Law School can be very overwhelming at first, but it definitely gets easier with time. In my first year, I took thinks way to seriously and ironically performed poorly. It wasn’t until my second year that my grades drastically improved-so just know you will have the time and opportunities to improve. My advice for succeeding at Law School is to make friends! Don’t be scared to approach people in class. The more friends you make, the more you’ll enjoy your law journey and the more it will help you with your subjects. Study groups are the way to go! Make sure to take part in different activities, even if it pushes you out of your comfort zone; you never know what you’re capable of! Make the most of your law journey at La Trobe and I hope to meet you all soon!


Hi everyone! I’m Chelsea and I’m the Director of the Industry Careers Portfolio. This portfolio is intended to assist law students in exploring alternative career paths to those in the commercial sector. As for myself, I’m about to begin my third year of my Bachelor of Laws and Criminology course so just over half way there! I really can’t picture my life at uni without all my friends that I’ve made since joining the committee (AKA all the amazing people that I work alongside with on the LSA). Looking back to two years ago, I’m so glad that I made the random decision of applying for Careers First Year Representative even though I had absolutely no clue what that role entailed, as well as being the type that never usually signed up for anything. Especially when COVID-19 hit and I was in my first year, I quickly realised that it was going to be extremely difficult making friends and connections unlike the way past uni students had expressed. I wished I knew sooner that it is really down to you to get yourself out there and meet new people because there’s really nothing to lose, take it from me! FUN FACT: If you ever want to find me or you find yourself procrastinating save yourself the time and just head up to the 3rd /the silent level of the library (AKA my favourite spot). Trust me when I say this, you won’t have a choice but to get some work done.